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Attack Graphs Plugin for

An Attack Graphs Extension for

Attack Graphs Plugin for

Launch Desktop

You can obtain the latest version of the plugin from here:

Download attackgraphs.js

Open Desktop and load the plugin file using the Extras > Plugins... dialog.

Attention! Starting from v19.0.3, plugins in drawio-desktop are disabled (see #72 and drawio-desktop Release Notes).

You can either use a version of drawio-desktop before v19.0.3 or start drawio-desktop from the command line including the parameter --enable-plugins.

AttackGraph Diagram Template

If you want to use the default functions that come shipped with this plugin, you can use the Attack Graph Template to create new files already containing the default functions. To do so, you will need to navigate to File > New > From Template URL and use one of the following URLs:

User Guide


This software is provided by INCYDE GmbH in collaboration with Systems Lab 21 GmbH as part of the project Prognose Securitybedarf und Bewertung möglicher Sicherheitskonzepte für das System Bahn, funded by the German Centre for Rail Traffic Research at the Federal Railway Authority.